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Given that we, at Elm, are very invested in continuous development and being pioneers in the provisioning of secure e-business services, we believe that learning is a continuous process that never stops and that we have to always evolve and be up-to-date. We strive for partnerships with our community that target research and innovation, and we try to transform these partnerships into a reality that is established by national competencies who build a knowledgeable society that keeps up with the world through modern innovative solutions. This makes us the preferred digital platform which offers an integrated experience that satisfies the client.


Elm's innovation-stimulation strategy

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At Elm, the goal is to compete against leading tech companies in all different dimensions of innovation strategies, by applying the best global strategic practices of innovation.

Since we at Elm believe that each of growth, sustainability, research, and innovation should be an integral part of the company, and that its affiliates should acknowledge that as well, therefore, we have directed our innovation-stimulating programs towards:

-Elm's staff

-The cummunity


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Internal programs for Elm's staff


Research and Innovation Day

Each year, Elm celebrates the day of Research and Innovation, where we showcase our achievements in this field, present our latest technologies, and throw competitions that encourage the spirit of research and innovation.

Creativity Forum

Through this forum, we create a communication-based environment between the employees of Elm that advocates the spirit of creativity and innovation, and encourages unique thinking even in the way this forum is created.

The Pioneers of Elm

Here at Elm, we believe that our employees have the potential to start their own businesses, and therefore, we have decided to be their first business supporters by conducting an entrepreneurial competition in Elm to choose the best startup businesses. Then, we will provide the participating employees with specialized courses to develop and finance their businesses.

Creativity Department and The Bank of Ideas

In Elm, we consider every problem a challenge to our creativity, and a motivation to our innovation. We do not resort to external solutions, but rather work on them ourselves, using the experiences of our competencies, and the deep knowledge we acquire about our society. Therefore, we have created a department for creativity and a bank for ideas in order to encourage creative people to present their ideas and achieve them. Not only that, but we have also reward them for their creativity and innovation. In order for the Bank of Ideas to completely achieve its vision, we are working to launch it more widely across the community so that it will be available to any innovator.


Programs and Partnerships with the Community and Universities

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​In Elm we strive to build partnerships with research centers (like the center of King Abdullah University for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Innovation Unit at the Ministry of Health) and to conclude agreements with the universities to enhance the cooperation with the students and to provide them with opportunities to achieve their ambitions, advance their researches and innovations, and spread the innovation culture around the universities.

Elm is aware that today's students are tomorrow's future, and that the benefits of instilling creativity in them are countless. As a result, Elm launched 'Holom' program, which Saudi students at any Saudi university can join. The program trains students on best problem-solving practices, offers employment opportunities to the distinguished ones, conducts researches in cooperation with universities, and backs students' innovative ideas as well as invests in them to make such ideas a reality.   

We will deliver, through “Holom” program, several programs for university students, which includes:

IT Bootcamps

This program aims to address the challenges of the business and technology sectors related to our new strategy at Elm, and aims to find innovative deliverables that add value to the market.

Ideas Incubators

This program supports academic ideas, and helps turn them into realistic services and products by providing financial and consultation services.

Innovation Center

This program creates an environment that attracts academic competencies, and provides all the services and laboratories needed to make the center a fertile center for researches concerning IoT, robotics, 3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality, and drones. 


Each year, we hold the “Elm Hackathon” contest which offers professional competitions that encourage innovation and enhance the students’ capabilities. This contest targets students from all Saudi universities, and aims to enrich their expertise, highlight their skills, and stimulate their spirit of innovation by raising technical problems and challenging the participants to solve them.

Joint Research Agreement Program

Through this program, we provide funding to universities for a variety of research projects like the study of problems, challenges and opportunities for new and technology-specific ideas.

Cooperative Training

This program targets students majored in business or technology-related disciplines. They will be required to provide solutions to challenges offered to them before entering the training program. After getting accepted in the training program, they will be able to work on real-world problems that Elm company is facing. This will make them appreciate the training experience, and will help them benefit themselves and the society as well.