Organizational Change and Transformation Management Consultations

Our qualified consultants work along with the facility’s employees to achieve the needed transformation by using premium methodology that serves the facility’s transition in line with its strategies and aspirations towards development. Our Change Management Department also prepares the facility’s employees to be familiar with the new processes, regulations, values and organizational structures.

Services include:


Establish and Support the Operation
of the Strategy Management Office (SMO)

This office enables the organization to supervise and monitor the progress of strategic plans through performance management, following up on the implementation of emerging initiatives, and detecting the fulfillment of the objectives via the strategic performance indicators, while identifying any gaps that exist and providing recommendations to ensure the achievement of the desired goals.


Establish and Support the Operation
of the Project Management Office (PMO)

It offers a comprehensive vision of the programs and projects of the strategic plans, while closely monitoring their performance and enabling them to make decisions in a timely manner. This will be achieved through the establishment of an office within the organizational structure of the organization and the supporting of its operation within a specific time frame. As a result, the system ensures the transfer of tasks, in the transitional phase, to the employees of the organization, once they are able to perform the roles assigned to them, as required.


Establish and Support the Operation
of the Vision Realization Office (VRO)

It enables and supports the organization in achieving its own or shared national objectives within the governance frame of Vision 2030. It also contributes to integration between internal and external bodies to ensure the alignment of the strategic plan with Vision 2030, while facilitating the work of initiatives and the continuous evaluation of their performance.


Change Management

This service aims to manage the changes experienced during the process of transferring the organizations' workers (the human resources) from the current work reality to the desired work reality and helping them to adapt to the attendant changes. This will be done through applying a gradual practical approach, to ensure readiness and preparedness for implementing change, as well as for the acceptance and continuity of the change process among those who are affected by it.


Establish and Support the Operation
of the Transformation Management Office (TMO)

It offers a comprehensive vision of the objectives, and programs and projects of the sector's strategy, while closely monitoring the performance indicators and enabling the entity to make decisions in a timely manner.


Governance of Strategic
Transformation Programs

It offers a comprehensive vision of the programs and projects related to the transformation program, while measuring the progress of achievement of the strategic objectives, through selecting a qualified team to manage and govern the program during a period ranging from (3-5 years). This includes deploying a program-wide organizational structure, models, processes, roles and responsibilities matrix, and more.


Designing a Strategy
for Transformation Initiatives

Designing and building the implementation plan, the performance indicators of the initiative and its desired goals, defining the main milestones, projects and programs emanating from it, and how to monitor its performance.


Preparation Center

This service aims to discover and develop leadership among the individuals of the organization and of the organization as a whole, through a specialized center that provides integrated leadership solutions. The center works on developing a strategic leadership development plan for the organization, and then monitors its leaders using various methods of scientific analysis and then develops them through training and coaching, as well as leadership learning projects and other modern management development methods.