Digitization Services Consultations

We develop strategies for digital transformation and information technology for establishments and institutions, by searching for the best digital and global technical practices affecting the field of research. By using these practices, we compare and devise the best innovative and practical ideas to develop, digitally, the overall performance and raise customer satisfaction levels through digital plans that achieve leadership.

Digital transformation plans enable enterprises to benefit from diverse digital capabilities and emerging technologies such as: artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, big data, and cloud computing. Using such technologies will positively affect the development of innovative digital business models that enable the enterprise’s business and the related sector and enhance its leadership position. In its field, our team also provides services to define the characteristics of the technical systems that the facility needs to digitize its operational models.

Services include:


Developing Digital Transformation
and Information Technology Strategies

Developing a digital and technical transformation strategy for facilities and institutions and providing them with reference designs for the necessary digital and technical solutions, which contributes to raising the quality of performance and electronic services by enabling and adopting emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain, Big Data and cloud computing.


Developing Data Management and Governance Strategies,
and Supporting Data Office Operation Implementation

Developing a "Data Driven Strategy" through understanding existing data management capabilities, analyzing data ecosystems (Ecosystems Analysis), designing enterprise data architecture models (EDM), interconnection, aggregation, and governance of data exchange, and establishing a data office and its operational model to ensure that data management procedures and processes are appropriately managed to maximize their utilization.


Analyzing and Evaluating the Technical Needs
and the Level of Digital Maturity of Organizations

Understanding the current technical capabilities, including capabilities of applications, data, integration, infrastructure, security and operations management, and then analyzing them and understanding how well-suited they are to the strategies of the facility, by studying the strategic objectives of the business and conducting reference studies for facilities in the same sector worldwide.


Establishing and Operating the Institutional Structure
Offices and Supporting their Operation

The institutional structure has become an integral part of the general strategies of the entities, so we seek to design an office concerned with review of the technical development plans of the entity and adoption of the practices of the institutional structure, by establishing and operating the Institutional Structure Office to enable it to play a vital role in translating strategic directions into a roadmap for the development of information technology.


Studying and Designing the Reference
Architecture for Digital Platforms

Designing a customized general reference for the institution’s digital platforms that define building standards and development requirements, which ensure compatibility with global and local standards, and using modern technologies to ensure the achievement of the desired strategic goals of the targeted digital platform.