Strategic and Management Consultations and Transformation Programs

They are concerned with working closely with the facility to identify its proper transformation plan and roadmap, through diagnosing the current situation, identifying high and low points, and narrowing down available resources. Such steps are taken to utilize available positive factors, provide a suitable environment, prevent risks and develop the facility ecosystem through tested and innovative methodologies and tools. It is necessary to choose the effective methodologies and tools that will shape the future vision of the facility while taking into consideration the industry best practices and drawing on the lessons earned from comparative studies.

Services include:


Comprehensive Business

The entity has taken a truly transformative shift from traditional work methods and adopted an innovative system. It has now reached a level that competes with the best international practices in its area of work. It succeeded in reaching this important milestone through the development of an operational model, and the governance of services, work procedures, human resources, and the organization and communication mechanism across the departments.


Business Process

Is a basic pillar and a sound platform for business quality, and a path to institutional excellence for all kinds of organizations. It is defined as “a system that includes any combination of modeling, automating, implementing, measuring, improving, and controlling the flow of business activities; to support the goals of the organization, employees, customers and partners inside the organization or beyond.”


Customer Experience

Transforming the current “customer service” practices into broader and more developed concepts that include the entire customer experience and journey. This includes establishing the basic customer experience capabilities within the entity, as well as the ability to monitor and track customer feedback and levels of satisfaction so that the entity is able to identify areas for improvement and provide the necessary services.


Designing Beneficiary
Service Centers

Designing an entity that serves customers of all kinds, improves the methods and quality of services, raises the level of satisfaction and prioritizes customers' needs, in order to help the entity achieve its strategic goals and reach higher levels of customer experience maturity.


Establishment and Operation
of Institutional Excellence Offices

It is a center that gathers a number of offices or teams from various disciplines in one place. It is established according to the organization’s need. This center provides research and support services to the organization to help it obtain the highest and best value and performance. Amongst the most important offices (or teams) are: Initiatives Management, Processes Management, Performance Management, and Customer Experience Management.


Establishment and Operation Centers for
Measuring Performance and Beneficiary Satisfaction

Designing an entity concerned with reviewing the organization strategic plans and programs, preparing various reports, following up and evaluating strategic and operational performance indicators, setting goals and reviewing results through continuous operational monitoring, and real-time and future analyses of data that enable the decision-maker to identify weaknesses and compare the best ways of realizing development.


Establishment and Operation
of the Minister’s Support Office

Designing an entity responsible for supporting emergency cases, complying with the requirements of external parties and centers of excellence, supporting and following up on the compliance of the BoDs of sister institutions, managing and governing committees, and supporting His Excellency the Minister in developing some profiles and advisory studies. The establishment of the office requires the setting up of its strategic direction with its components of vision, mission and strategic objectives, and building the ideal operating model for the office.