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Elm Participates in COMEX 2023 in Muscat, Oman

Elm aims to expand globally and create new opportunities in the region

22, May 2023 More

Avaali Solutions Partners with Elm to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Saudi Arabia

This collaboration will help support government and private entities in their digital transformation

10, May 2023 More

Elm Successfully Concludes its Participation in LEAP 2023

Elm reviewed a wide range of innovative services based on AI and machine learning

10, February 2023 More

Elm Invests in 5 Local and International Start-ups

Elm, a leading provider of digital solutions, announced its investment in 5 local and international start-ups with a total value exceeding SAR 49 million

09, February 2023 More

Elm Signs a MOU with the Ministry of Tourism at LEAP 2023

The MoU requires Elm and MT to join their efforts and share their knowledge and experiences to develop innovative plans and strategies to achieve their shared goals

09, February 2023 More

Elm and SAR Sign an Agreement for Connectivity and Integration Services for the Haramain Train

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saad Aljadhai, Elm's CEO, and Dr. Bashar bin Khalid AlMalik, SAR's CEO, signed the agreement aimed at ensuring direct electronic connectivity between the Haramain high-speed rail systems

08, February 2023 More

Elm Sings a Cooperation Agreement with ESNAD

The agreement provides for unifying the efforts of both parties and employing Elm's leading technical capabilities to upgrade the integrated solutions and services system provided by ESNAD to local and international investors

08, February 2023 More

Elm and the Ministry of Sport Sign a MOU on Digital Transformation

The MoU between Elm and MoS will examine joint ventures in the areas of digital transformation and electronics, including integrating digital business models with traditional ones

08, February 2023 More