Our Investments

The power of investment is to invest in different industries and companies, which helps to accelerate growth and create a long-term value and shared success for our partners, investors, shareholders, and clients…



The startup helps healthcare providers to ease their cash flow constraints, safe resources, and improve profitability by providing claim intelligence and fast funding solutions in a single platform.


It specializes in the full orchestration of supply chain networks through advanced solutions and technologies that maximize the logistics benefits, control, and visibility in every industry.


It is a digital startup that operates a car rental application, which brings together more than 50 car rental companies and offers thousands of cars at competitive prices, while providing various services, such as car delivery to the customer and long-term car subscriptions.


is an end-to-end cloud-based point of sale & restaurant management solution that gives business owners a holistic overview of their company and its operations. The company recently launched Foodics Pay, which is a payment software that complements its ecosystem. Foodics was founded in 2014 by Ahmad Alzaini and Musab Alothmani.


aims to unlock new potentials for the retail sector to easily and professionally access the world of e-retail. A trustworthy partner for dreamers who strive to leave their mark in the e-commerce industry. Zid is your easy shortcut to the flourishment and growth of your business. Zid was founded in 2017 by Sultan Alasmi and Mazen Aldarrab.


is recognized as a leading Saudi company in cloud communication services, providing its clients with an array of services and products that employ cutting-edge technologies to ensure reliable and safe communication channels between companies and their customers. Unifonic was founded in 2006 by the three brothers Ahmed, Hassan and Ayman Hamdan.


is an e-platform for selling and buying new and used cars, which integrates with solutions that improve accessibility and transparency in the sales process. Syarah was founded in 2016 by Salah Sharef and Fayez Alanzi.


is specialized in providing insurance and human resources solutions for employed individuals or SMEs and startups. Bayzat has developed Bayzat Benefits, a human resources cloud platform to support SMEs in automating human resources management and managing payroll and health insurance procedures. Bayzat was founded in 2013 by Talal Bayaa and Tarek Bayaa.


is a digital weight loss and fitness-tracking platform that connects users with human and AI-based coaches and nutritionists. The company was able to serve more than 19 million users who lost more than 5 million KGs of their weight. Healthifyme was founded in 2012 by Tushar Vashisht and Sachin Shenoy.


operates a telehealth platform that enables individuals to get consultations, diagnosis, prescriptions, and wellness therapy through instant messaging as well as live video calls. Cura was founded in 2015 by Wael Kabli and Mohammed Zekrallah.


is a platform that offers integrated car services by connecting car owners, workshops and towing trucks together. Carefer was founded in 2017 by Abdulmajeed Almubrad and Omar Alturki.



improves efficiency and transparency in importing and exporting goods by providing digital logistical and financial solutions to help facilitate transportation through air, sea or road.

Smart National Solutions

is an IT company that provides technology and business consulting services ranging from advisory, systems integration, data services and support. SNS was founded in 2015 and has presence in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


is a platform that provides logistical solutions to manage supply chains by connecting local companies with shipping providers. Madar helps customers in scheduling, managing and tracking shipments.