About Elm Investment

Elm invests globally in Seed to Growth Stage Companies with a focus on MENA and Saudi Arabia in the following sectors:

Real Estate/ PropTech


Health Tech

Emerging Technologies

FinTech infrastructure

Investment Goals

Supporting the investment and entrepreneurship ecosystem

Keeping up with opportunities and challenges that face business markets

Entering new markets

Integrating products that synergize with Elm to create more value for the user

Co-developing new solutions

Collaborating on research

Gaining financial returns

Investment values


Business Development

Entrepreneurs will have the chance to benefit from Elm’s seasoned business developers who are ready to provide consultation on designing business models, understanding market trends, negotiation skills, and many other business related matters.




Elm has more than 500 professional experts in its technical workforce who are experienced and up-to-date in diverse areas of technology. Portfolio companies will be able to benefit from mentorship sessions with them.



Entrepreneurs will be able to accelerate their market penetration through Elm’s sales & marketing departments. This will enable them to set & execute strategic marketing plans leading to faster business growth.


Scaling Up Through
Integrating With Elm Services

We have built a vast network of products and services that can be utilized by entrepreneurs.


Access to Public

One of our strengths at Elm is our long lasting relationship with a variety of public sector organizations. This will help portfolio companies to understand those sectors, their needs and how to approach them.



Through our work in multiple major technological sectors and projects, Elm was able to build a great reputation in these fields. Sharing this credibility with our portfolio companies will boost their reputation as well.