Corporate Governance

Mr. Raed Abdullah Ibrahim bin Ahmed

Chairman of Board of Directors

Mr. Raed Abdullah Ismail

Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors

Her Excellency Miss. Al-Shayhana Saleh Al-Azzaz

Board Member

His Excellency Dr. Issam Abdullah Al-Waqit

Board Member

Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsin Al-Rabiah

Board Member

Mr. Abdullah bin Saad bin Mohammed Al-Salem

Board Member

Mr. Abdularahman Mohammed Al-Odan

Board Member 

Dr. Khaled Abdulaziz Al-Ghoneim

Board Member 

Mr. Faris Ibrahim Al-Rashed Al-Humaid

Board Member

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saad Al-Jadhai

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Mohimeed

VP of Corporate Transformation Division

Mr. Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Omair

CEO of Digital Products Division

Dr. Nasser bin Zaid Al-Meshary

VP of Business Sectors Division

Mr. Othman bin Mohammad Al-Twaijri

VP of Finance Division

Dr. Abdulaziz bin Saad Al-Tammami

VP of Corporate Development Division

Mr. Riad Souissi

VP of Research and Innovation Division

Mr. Majid bin Saad Al-Arifi

VP of Marketing Division

Mr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Hidery

Chief Audit Officer

Eng. Bassam bin Nasser Al-Mohaideb

VP of Business Process Outsourcing Division

Eng. Salem bin Saud Al-Ghaslan

VP of Technology Division

Mr. Muneer bin Owish Al-Fuhaidy

VP of Human Capital Division

Mr. Fahad bin Issa Al-Shathry

VP of Investment Division
Acting VP of Professional Services Division

Mr. Fares Bin Hamad Al-Fares

VP of Shared Services Division

Mr. Alameen Alhazmi

VP of Digital Delivery Suite