Business Outsourcing

Business Outsourcing Division works hard to enhance the competitive advantage, in terms of both operation and service delivery, or offering partial support in specific fields and pushing it towards digital transformation.

What is Business Outsourcing?

Business outsourcing offers its services within the private sector, which helps the beneficiary government entity to successfully achieve digital transformation along with the highest international specifications and standards in all fields. Throughout the experience of transforming the government sectors into e-government, we discovered that such sectors need more than laying down the foundations of the basic technical services, as there are many difficulties in the operational environment that should be solved before moving towards the digital transformation.


  • Supporting Digitalization
  • Facilitating and Developing Business Procedures
  • Overcoming Difficulties of the Operational Work Environment
  • Transforming the Traditional Work Environment into a Creative One

Business Outsourcing Services


Oversight and Inspection

Oversight and inspection services seek to raise the efficiency and quality of the services through operational and digital solutions, along with transforming the services from regular practices to economic value-added.


Field Inspection Services, Fleet Management, and Financial Management

Building, managing and operating government inspection services to offer the highest level of quality and increase compliance rates.



Managing and issuing licenses on behalf of the governmental entities.


Crowd Management

Providing technical solutions to manage human crowds and control them in any places or open areas.


Questionnaire and Monitoring

Providing operational and technical solutions to collect and monitor complex data to provide information of qualitative value.



Business Centers

Our business center system provides optimal solutions for service agencies that deal directly with the public and seek to achieve high levels of efficiency in each step in customer journey.


Service Centers

Providing high quality services by implementing operational solutions through the development and operation of central service channels.


Mobile Customer Services

Transforming services with central channels into mobile services supported with a digital operational model to help beneficiaries to get it needs at any time.


Customer Journey

Transforming the customer complex journey into an easy, uncomplicated experience enriched with value-added services.



Process Outsourcing

Business Supporting Services in specific specialized fields that contribute effectively to achieve the required operational goals, without requiring the full operation of the services.


Communication Channels

Managing and operating various channels of communication and providing advanced solutions that support communication with the customer, such as: Visual Communication Channels.


Operational Process Outsourcing Services

For governmental and private sectors.


Customer Journey

Manages the quality of digital platforms, checking, and auditing them.



Empowering Business with Digital Solutions

A system for employing modern technologies that empower business in various fields, to help the related parties to achieve qualitative results to solve challenges through advanced technology.


Supportive Services

Where Smart Devices that help to provide qualitative solutions to achieve needed values and benefits for the beneficiary are supplied and installed, and to be used for the operational digital outsourcing services.