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Our vision is to attain advance knowledge in the emerging / cutting edge technologies and solve problems of today and tomorrow to benefit the broader community. 

Today’s technologies are the building blocks of the future world. We strive to learn and fulfill the promise of valuable experiences through data-driven, user-focused solutions. we study and anticipate the ways in which people will engage with technologies that are still in the making.

We engage in identifying industry trends, understand patterns of disruption and adapt-n-adopt revolutionary technologies to accelerate company’s growth today, and secure its business tomorrow.

Research objectives 

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Identify Latest Industry & Technology Trends

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Idea inception and prototyping

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Engage in Local/Regional/Global Market Analysis ​

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Proof of Concept Implementation

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Collaborate with the research and academic communities

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Organizational Awareness

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Internal & External Market Research

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Leveraging industry use cases to adapt to local market

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Study and evaluate new ideas

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Facilitate successful delivery of use case

Technology Areas of Interests 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Data Analysis.
  • Traffic Violations.
  • Crowd Management.
  • Natural Language Processing. 


Using Blockchain technology to safely store and manage data in the following areas:

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​Digital Identity 

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​Medical Health Records.
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​Transfer of Property Ownership.
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​Documentation of Employment and Academic History.

Internet of things (IoT)

  • ​Healthcare – Remote/Home Healthcare
  • Red Palm Weevil Prevention.
  • On-Site Inspection.
  • Sensor Technologies.

Hajj Research Center

Elm Innovation Center will be an incentive to form an integrated technical environment designed to test technical solutions and creative ideas. The Center is working to find solutions to reshape the technology industry to manage large-scale global events and contribute to the transfer of promising innovations from the Center to the industry. The Center is located in the Technical Valley at Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah. It aims at building strategic partnerships with the Hajj and Umrah stakeholders in the region and enhancing cooperation with them to create solutions, products and applications that contribute to the development and advancement of services provided to visitors to the Holy Mosques. The solutions include but not limited to:

  • Crowd Technologies
  • AI
  • Smart Mobility and IOT 
  • Wearable Technolgies
  • VR

Other Technologies

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Virtual Reality 
Developing new and personalized teaching methods using AR/VR tailored to student’s individual needs.
Using AI and/or VR to enhance the efficiency of medical care
Holo Lens Number plate recognition

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​Mixed Reality (MR)

Teaching Aids in Education 
Training Aids in Health or Labor Sector 

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