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Rowad Initiative

Rowad Initiative is a package designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises in verifying their individual customers' data, through electronic linkage with the National Information Center's databases in SDAIA to achieve the highest levels of security and reliability at a low cost. Rowad does not include providing financial loans to establishments.


  • Rowad Assurance
  • Rowad Access
  • Rowad vital Features Verification 
  • Rowad Verification of Mobile Number Ownership  
  • OTP Rowad Electronic Authentication - OTP Rowad
  • Digital Document QR Code
  • Rowad National Address 
  • Salary Inquiry from Source

Target Audience

  • Saudi Establishments & Startups

  • Entrepreneurs


  • Reduce forgery and identity theft operations.
  • Provide updated and consistently matching data with official records.
  • Enhance the quality of the facility's data.
  • Promote social responsibility.
  • Support small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Enhance the use of digital identity solutions in emerging sectors.

Additional Features

100% discount

on subscription

90% discount

on operations for the first year

80% discount

on operations for the second year

70% discount

on operations for the third year

60% discount

on operations for the fourth year

50% discount

on operations for the fifth year

Maximum of 500,000 verifications

per year

   Initiative’s Owner   



What are the subscription requirements?

  • 3 years maximum, since the company is established.
  • Maximum number of employees is 50.
  • Registration type: commercial.
  • Companies supported by incubators and business accelerators.
  • Apply terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions 

  • The maximum operations per year for Rowad National Address is 300,000.
  • The salary inquiry service from source has different discounts as follows:
    • First year: 90% discount without a maximum limit for the number of operations.
    • Second year: 60% discount without a maximum limit for the number of operations.
    • Third year: 40% discount without a maximum limit for the number of operations.
  • The salary inquiry service only serves small enterprises.
  • The establishment must not be owned by another company.
  • The establishment must not provide services to a third party.
  • The servers of your platform or application must be inside the KSA.
    The size of the enterprise shall be micro, small or medium with the provision of a certificate from Monsha'at.