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Tamm service helps vehicles' owners in Saudi Arabia to get all updated information of their respective vehicles from their governmental sources

Tamm Advantages

Quick, accurate and safe vehicles transactions.

Reduced costs.

Organized data and information.

Tamm Services

  • Inquire vehicle information.
  • Add/cancel the actual driver.
  • Inquire paid traffic fines.
  • Inquire vehicle insurance.
  • Issue/cancel international driver authorization.
  • Verify new vehicle information.
  • Check vehicle VIN number.
  • Review driving licenses.
  • Issue/cancel driver authorization.
  • Verify vehicle and owner data.
  • Issue and renew driving license.

Clients support 

​​​​​​Packages * All fees are not including VAT

Transactions Fee:

​​​​Annual subs​cription fee:​​

Transaction ​ Registration Fees (SR)
Add internal vehicle driving authorization1.75
Cancel internal vehicle driving authorization0
Add international vehicle driving authorization35
Cancel international vehicle driving authorization 0
​Add Actual Driver10
​Cancel Actual Driver0
​Issue Vehicle registration document 45
​​Renew Vehicle registration document 35
Transfer vehicle ownership200
Inquire vehicle insurance expiry0
​​Inquire vehicle data0
​​Inquire driving license data0
Inquire paid traffic fines3
Inquire paid traffic fines1
Check for new traffic fines1
Inquire driving license information1
Inquire vehicle information
Automatic Restriction Service 20
​Issuing an Internal Authorization SDK for Driving the Vehicle
​Ownership Transfer (Private) for vehicles over 3.5 Ton
​Vehicle Registration Issuance (Private) for vehicles over 3.5 Ton
​Vehicle Registration Renewal (Private) for vehicles over 3.5 Ton 
​International Driving Authorization Issuance (Public & Private Transportation)
​Vehicle Registration Renewal (Public Transportation) 
​Ownership Transfer (Public Transportation)
​Vehicle Registration Issuance (Public Transportation)
​Vehicle List Report via QR Code
​Internal Visitor Authorization
​External Visitor Authorization
Number of Vehicles​Number of Vehicles​Registration Fees (SR)
​10 – 49​3,300
​50 – 994,800
​​100 – 249​​7,300
​250 – 4999,800
​500 – 99912,300
​​1,000 - 5,00016,300
​​​​5,000 - 9,99920,300
​​> 10,000​ 24,300(+0.5 for every additional vehicle)​

​   Tamm token