Electronic Authentication

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Upgrade the Security of the Client's E-Services...

Electronic Authentication is a service that sends authentication codes to the beneficiaries' mobile phone numbers registered through Absher at the National Information Center (NIC). This service ensures that authentication codes reach the right phone numbers and saves clients from human errors and manipulations related to data entry.

Electronic Authentication Integration

Electronic authentication can be integrated through a web service. Elm's team develops this service to be ready for integration, and hands over an integration guide to the client.

Electronic Authentication has two types of services:

1. Electronic Authentication with a Basic One-Time Password (OTP)

A service that sends text messages with a fixed text along with an authentication code.

2. Electronic Authentication with a Premium OTP (OTP Plus)

A service that sends text messages with a variable text along with an authentication code.


Upgrade the security of the client's e-services.

Improve the services provided to the client's customers.

Ensure the delivery of verification messages to the actual beneficiaries.

Send authentication codes through telecom operators.

Issue a receipt number for each message and record it in the system with the delivery time and date.

Additional Features