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​​​​​​​​​Knowledge is considered an essential component of development in the company in particular and in the nation as a whole. Elm has adopted the knowledge dimension as it believes in social responsibility and impact of knowledge on young people and their capabilities, which will allow them to ​work and help build a more diversified economy in the Kingdom. Therefore, Elm embraced a proactive approach to find, adopt and support talents and in this context, Elm offers its knowledge-based social programs under the umbrella of "Holom" program.

  • Holom program
  • Holom program is one of Elm social p​rograms that serves the students of information technology, computer science, software engineering and computer engineering in KSA university in particular and people who have basic computer knowledge in general. The program aims to reducing the gap between university students and labor market requirements by providing services that help raise the efficiency of students, integrate them with real-life work, increase their awareness and find new ideas and solutions to serve the community.

  • You can review Holom program, register in competitions and see latest events, news and announcements, by visiting Holom website, which includes the following:



In a serious and cooperative environment, the trainees dream of a program to work on tasks and projects and realistic of Elm company and under the supervision of experts in computer and information technology areas. This is what distinguishes the training at Elm from other companies. The training includes: Summer Training Program (4-6 weeks), and a program of cooperative training (6-8 months). It offers the following:

Holom trainees work in a serious and friendly environment where they build real-world projects for Elm under a supervision of experts in different IT fields. This makes Elm different from other companies. The training includes summer training (4-6 Weeks) and cooperative training (6-8 Months) and it provides the following:

​Help students get accustomed to time and tasks management.

​Qualifying students for the exams and international certifications.

​Receiving rewards

​Participate in recreational and entertainment activities.

​Receive membership in Holom fiends even after graduation and program completion.

  Consultation  ​

The program provides consultation services to:

​Computer science and IT colleges

Through the so-called (the advisory boards of the colleges) to review the curriculums and subjects according to the needs of the labor market, this will contribute to the development and improvement of capabilities of male and female students. So far, cooperation with a number of Saudi universities has been established for this purpose, most notably King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals University, and Al-Imam University and University of Prince Sultan.

​Male and Female Students

By providing recommendations and guidance to select the appropriate academic specialization, guidance through the academic life and finally helping with the selection and development of the graduation project.


Elm organizes and sponsors contests and competitions which aim at raising and promoting student competencies, as well as, creating a spirit of competition to stimulate innovation and community service. Some of such competitions are:

Best graduation project

This competition is held for the best innovative graduation projects in the field of e-services for students at universities in the Kingdom. It is intended to motivate students to be creative and to solve real life technical problems to receive valuable prizes.

Elm Hackathon

This is an open and public competition which targets people with basic programming skills. It is a collaborative competition that seeks to raise the efficiency of the participants by giving them a technical problem and asking them to solve it within 24 hours (Two days only), the competitors are divided into teams and the best solutions are rewarded with valuable prizes. The competition takes place once a year.

 Awareness and Education  

The program holds lectures for students at Saudi universities, such as:

Holom Camp

This is an educational activity provided to students at Saudi universities who have basic programming knowledge. The idea can be summarized by delivering maximum practical experience in a specific area such as (a programming language or a modern technology ... etc.) according to the market needs and trends. During 24 hours spread over two days, each participant will benefit from the camp and receive a motivational prize and a certificate of completion for the course which can benefit him in his career or in admission to universities shall he need to complete his academic career. This camp is held twice a year.

Know your Future

This is an educational lecture to raise awareness of future career for students and the current requirements of the labor market. The lecture introduces the students to the most important professional certifications in their fields, and pose a question "What do you intend to do after graduation?”. The event also includes presenting previous experience of current employees and trainees and providing some tips on how to prepare the C.V and apply for a job.

 ​Project Support  

This support is divided into two main parts:

Supporting Graduation Projects​

Students are offered everything they need, such as guidance, recommendations, answers or even paid courses (inside or outside the kingdom) to help them complete their graduation projects. In addition, the program provides them with needed logistical support, such as, hardware, licensed software, modern educational sources, laboratories and other requirements.

Supporting C​urriculum Projects

This is similar to the first part, but it is provided to freshmen students who do not have computer science basics.