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Elm and Open Sources


Open-source technologies have reached new heights over the past decade and remain an indispensable enabler of individuals and businesses. Such a shift towards open-source technologies could be traced by the exceptional features contained in its solutions and applications that ensure its users the flexibility and freedom to adapt services and products to their needs.
Realizing such a huge potential is what cultivated our commitment at Elm to remain a leading brand in service development, improvement of procedures, and innovation of solutions that keep pace with a fast-evolving technology-driven world. Such aim fueled our innovation to launch a GRP system in addition to 3 other projects to support open-source content. These projects are now available on Elm portal:
Government Resource Planning System “GRP”
The first GRP product based on open-source technologies.

Android Software Development
Combining best practices in designing Android apps. Illustrating techniques to split files and separate the GUI from the data warehouse and work procedures. Programmers can utilize the project as the basis for any Android app, and avail of the best programming libraries used in developing Android apps.
Android apps Data Encryption Software 
A tool used to encrypt and decrypt data on Android apps.
Hijri e-calendar
A tool that helps in setting the Hijri calendar on Android apps with various design choices than those available on Android Studio.
Government Resource Planning System "GRP"
Elm launched an initiative to develop government resource planning using open-source technologies. We designed a GRP system with the Ministry of Transport as our pilot open-source product. Announcing a new phase in developing the level of services and products provided. A fully-integrated and flexible system that cover most of government sectors functions and procedures.

Examples of different functions and procedures

Budgeting and Finance System: includes budget procedures, budget balances and transfers, billing orders, payment and invoices, financial inquiries, and all relevant financial orders and reports.

HR System: includes the procedures of the organizational and functional structure, employment, leaves, work tasks, overtime, payroll system, self-service system, performance evaluation system, and all other government procedures.

Inventory and Procurement System: Includes government procurement procedures (purchase orders, quotations, direct purchase orders, and tenders) and inventory system (defining warehouse, structure, classes, flow, inventories, and employee ‎petty cash system).