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Taming The Data Elephant


​​​​​Data is the Ne​w O​il

​Data has been recently regarded as the New Oil of the Digital Economy. The importance of data has emerged simultaneously with the revolution that the World witnessed in technology and communication fields. Nowadays, we can easily tap into huge amounts of data being collected from various data sources in real-time velocity. Data-driven, fact-based, and data-informed decision making are all different synonyms for the art and science of defining actions and decisions based on the insights extracted from data. This has reshaped and revolutionized the decision making process to start relying on measurable findings that can support decision makers in enhancing the business operations, delivery, policy making, and new opportunities exploration.

Data and Saudi Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a historical period in which all government bodies’ efforts will be united to take the country to a leap into a flourished future. To be effective, Saudi Vision 2030 will inevitably require various accurate data as a foundation basis in answering essential questions that determine the next actions and policies. Extracting the actionable insights from data is a very interesting journey in which many techniques are applied. The more value you seek, the more effort and sophisticated techniques will be applied. A keen and insightful mind cannot ignore the fact that a solid data foundation is the enabler of effective results with enhanced accuracy. Elm understood this causality and developed robust Data Management Framework and Practices. This framework is presented in a white paper that follows a storytelling style, which can be downloaded via the following link.

Click hereto download the whitepaper of "Taming The Data Elephant"