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Increasing the Effectiveness of Remote Working


For Impact-driven Remote Working

At Elm's webinars, we give the floor to top-tier specialists in many fields of interest to our company to share their experience and provide a gimps of lessons learned from their career. We were thrilled to host Dr. Hassan Basnawi via webinar, a technology expert and with Ph.D. in Knowledge Management, Diploma in E-marketing, and a consultant in innovation strategies and knowledge management applications business systems.


Due to COVID-19, many companies were forced to shift to working remotely. Most of them set strategic action plans to ensure smooth flow for tasks and business to avoid compromising productivity during that critical time.

Use your free-time wisely

Working remotely is a great opportunity for employees to better utilize the time they waste in commuting from and to the workplace. For example, organizing your home office for online meetings and making sure all your devises are ready and charged during work hours.

A comfortable workplace

You must choose a quiet place for working remotely, remove everything may distract you. Make sure the light is convenient, fresh air is circulated throughout your work area, and of course a comfortable cozy chair.

Tips and tricks for impact-driven remote work

Many tips help in increasing the effectiveness of remote work, including keeping your usual routine as it is like working hours, morning coffee and breakfast. Also, having a break and walking to fresh up your mind is a must.

Wearing formal clothes is recommended during working remotely, also having snacks around you and organizing your disk will make you feel professional and committed. Always prioritize your tasks and have a flexible plan for urgent changes.

Leavening technology to you advantage is essential, especially Zoom Application and other tools where employees can conduct weekly meetings and ensure to use sound insulation to be professional. Also, employees should continue their career development by attending courses and seminars related to their fields.

Finally, make sure take a break and have enough sleep to be productive.