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Allowing entities to verify the data of people whom they are dealing with (such as customers, visitors, employees and applicants).

Yakeen Advantages

Reduce fraud.

Updated data, matching official records.

Immediate data check.

Yakeen Services

  • Reduces fraud and impersonation.
  • Offers and obtains updated data that conform to official records.
  • Increases the level of data quality.
  • Reduces time and effort in finalizing transactions.

For subscription, please contact 920029200 

Yakeen … Stay Certain!

In a quest to suffice the needs of many vital and promising sectors, improve data quality and boost its reliability, Yakeen was equipped to support the establishments in verifying data of all relevant parties (such as customers, auditors, employees, and applicants). All shared data are permitted to be disseminated as per approved privacy policies and are ensured to be up to date by connecting it directly to government systems databases following the most reliable security and protection measures worldwide.

Target Groups

  • Financial Entities: such as banks and insurance companies.
  • Public Service Entities: such as government entities, healthcare facilities, and schools.


Basic Yakeen (Online)

  • Support sectors that require verification on a daily basis, as verifying data remains a basic and necessary procedure, such as banks and insurance sectors. 
  • Verify all data and re-send it to entities immediately, by connecting thier systems directly to government systems databases. 

Direct Yakeen (Batch)

  • Support sectors that need a one-time verification process, such as verifying the identity or data of residents or citizens. 
  • Verify all data and resend it to the entity within a specified timeframe. 

Baqah Rowad

  • Support entrepreneurs and startups in verifying their transactions, in addition to many other features. Explore more by visiting Baqah Rowad Page.

Yakeen IPO

  • Support banks and financial companies that manage IPOs, whether in stocks or real estate funds, to enable them to verify subscribers’ data and information.