Between affordable financing solutions

and integrated housing units, find your future house ...


In an effort to speed up the procedures to obtain real estate financing, Teras came to provide integrated innovative solutions for all real estate parties involved in the process. It is a specialized platform for buying and selling real estate housing units that are applicable for financing. The platform provides individuals with offers through banks and financing companies.



  • Various real estate housing units to choose.
  • All housing units are evaluated and approved by banks.
  • Direct financing by banks and financing companies.
  • Ability to calculate financing through the calculation on the platform.

Real Estate Developers

  • Easily providing units through the platform.
  • One-time units evaluation.
  • Marketing and offering real estate units.

Financing Companies

  • Promoting and marketing by reaching individuals who want financing.
  • Easily offering different financing options.
  • All units are evaluated for a quick approval.

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