Easy Management of Delivery Apps…


Out of our contributions to increase the quality and efficiency of delivery apps and provide secure and effective services for people, Tawseel platform aims to govern and monitor delivery apps performance, by checking the eligibility of apps and drivers and providing thorough statistics of all processes.

Target Audience

Delivery Applications


  • Governing and organizing the sector in a way that fits with its digitalized work
  • Enabling the sector to enhance services’ quality and operational efficiency
  • Enabling the sector to grow and develop

Additional Features

Protecting the rights

of involved parties

Live tracking

of delivery activities

Providing smart and accurate statistics and reports



How to subscribe and link to Tawseel platform?

  1. First, contact the Communication and Information Technology Commission to review the initial requirements.
  2. Second, contact Elm to proceed with the procedures of linking to the platform and subscribing.
What are subscription requirements?

An approval of delivery business from the Communication and Information Technology Commission.