For our safety and the safety of our facilities


Salamah portal offers civil defense services to investors easily and effortlessly and help promote the level of safety in all Saudi Arabia's facilities. Investors can create their own accounts on the civil defense portal, issue or renew safety licenses and permits electronically, without the need to visit Civil Defense offices, in addition to many other services.

Salamah Portal

Target Audience

  • Investors and facilities in all sectors

  • Safety tools companies

  • Elevators installation and maintenance companies

  • Engineering and technical services offices


  • Automate and standardize safety licensing procedures
  • Issue licenses and permits instantly for low-risk activities
  • Provide accurate performance indicators for workers
  • Promote the level of safety in facilities and reduce risks
  • Offer customer service 24/7

Additional Features

Qualify and certify

safety and elevators companies

Provide easy-to-apply procedures

and follow-ups

Systemize and promote the performance

of the Field Safety and Inspection Center

Salamah Services for Investors

  • Issuing, renewing or cancelling civil defense license for facilities.
  • License ownership transfer.

Salamah Services for Safety and Elevators Companies

  • Approving the company on Salamah portal.
  • Providing maintenance contracts.
  • Issuing a certificate of safety tools installation.

Salamah Services for Engineering and Technical Services Offices

  • Approving the office on Salamah portal.
  • Issuing technical reports.


How can I sign up?
You can sign up by visiting the Civil Defense portal, then select the type of registration (three types):
Register as a Salamah license applicant (those wanting to issue civil defense licenses for their facilities).
Register as a safety or elevator company (companies that undertake the implementation and installation of safety requirements for facilities).
Register as an engineering or technical services offices (offices that issue technical reports for some low-medium risk activities, which are licensed directly by the Civil Defense).
When does Salamah license expire?

​The license is valid for a full year, starting from the issuance date, which marks the final approval from the Civil Defense.

When should I renew my Salamah license?

​You can renew your license a month prior to the expiration date by clicking on the renewal icon next to each license issued to send your renewal request.

What are direct and indirect activities?
Direct Activities: Low-Medium Risk Activities, which are directly licensed by the Civil Defense. Safety tools invoice or technical report is issued based on the activity type, and invoice or report data is entered when applying for license request.
Indirect Activities: High-risk Activities that require contracting with a safety company, providing maintenance contracts, and then start the inspection procedures by the Civil Defense to issue the license.

How can I know direct and indirect activities?
By investor’s journey service on Salamah portal:

How can I contract with safety and elevators companies?

​After the initial approval of the request by the Civil Defense, you will receive a text message that includes a verification code to be given to the safety and elevators company, then the company will complete all the requirements and start installation.

How can I issue safety tools invoice that is requested for some direct activities?

​It is issued by the qualified and approved safety companies on the portal.

How can I issue the report that is requested for some direct activities?

It is issued by the qualified and approved Engineering & Technical Services Offices on the portal.​

How can I know the qualified safety and elevators companies?

A report on Salamah portal shows all the qualified and approved companies by the Civil Defense.​

How can I update the user’s phone number?
Call the technical support: 9200000356
Provide the officer with all required data, and then they will update it.