Integrate, Expand, and Facilitate…

In an effort to promote innovation and digital transformation and enable small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to improve the added value of their products, Rabet provides APIs services and products that the customers can easily and directly integrate them with their system to boost business performance and facilitate workflow. 



  • Online Subscription
  • Documentation & Testing
  • Flexible Access Management
  • Analytics & Reports

Additional Features

Billing & Payments

We Offer integrating with various services

and establishing high-quality Apps quickly and reliably.

We Help enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals

growing their business aligning with 2030 vision.

We Provide programmers and developers

with the supportive documents needed for integration.

We Progress steps forward reaching the future

by using digital programming interface.


Who we are?

​A platform that allows browsing and subscribing to APIs services and directly integrating them with your system to facilitate your workflow. 

What is Rabet?

​An Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface or communication protocol between different parts of a computer program intended to simplify the implementation and maintenance of software, or building and integrating application software. 

How to subscribe?
Follow these simple steps to enable you link with one of Rabet APIs: 

  1. Register in the platform.
  2. Browse and find your suitable service.
  3. Fill the subscription form.
  4. Integrate and test (Use the integration guide to complete testing).