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Natheer" is designed to help organizations update the data of the people they deal with (such as customers and employees), by alerting them of any change in their status in official records, such as travel and life status, through the electronic linking with the data of the official authorities.
The service is characterized by its efficacy in updating people's data to match the data available with the official authorities and, thus, raise the level of quality of personal data.


  • Death Indicator Change
  • Final Exit Visa Issuance & Final Exit Visa Canceled
  • Iqama Renewed
  • Iqama Issued For Border Number
  • Exit Re-Entry Visa Issuance

More Services

Exit Re-Entry Visa without retunred

Final Exit Visa cross KSA border

Run away


  • Update the personal data to match the data available at the official authorities.
  • Send emergency notifications updates to customers.
  • Enhance the quality of personal data.


Yakeen for verifying people’s data.

Natheer for updating people’s data.