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An electronic platform that enables individual workers and establishments in the field of transportation with all its forms to remotely apply for the various licenses necessary to carry out their works and to complete all procedures and process them electronically without having to visit the Ministry of Transport or its branches and without the need to print any paper transactions.

Naql Advantages

personal ID matching

Less time & efforts

Data safety & security

Naql Services

  • Verifications on personal ID matching the facilities.
  • guarantee on the safety and security of data for the personal and the facility.
  • eliminating wasted cost of transporting and lowing the time and efforts.


  • Is the subscription to Naql service available to anyone? 
  • Both individuals and establishments can register and subscribe to Naql service electronically through the portal. 
  • Is the service provided by Naql portal? 
Establishment licensing services.
Drivers cards services.
Operating cards services.
  • Can the electronically excuted process be printed? 
  • By executing the processes through Naql portal, all the procedures are processed electronically without having to use any paper applications or to visit the branches of the Public Transport Authority.