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To Avoid Human Errors and Manipulations Related to Data Entry...

Nabaa is a service that sends SMS notifications or Absher alerts to the mobile phone numbers registered at the National Information Center (NIC) through Absher. This service ensures that notifications are sent to the right users based on their mobile phone numbers.

Nabaa is a flexible service that can be used in two main forms depending on client requests:

Nabaa Online

Nabaa is configured as a web service that the client can integrate directly into their systems.

Nabaa's Portal

The client is redirected to log in through Absher Business or is requested to provide an authorized person's information to be able to use Nabaa's portal with a username and password without the need to integrate it into their systems.


Ensure the delivery of text messages to the right customers.

Flexible and customizable service based on business needs.

Upgrade the security of the client's e-services.

Improve the services provided to the client's customers.

Use a client-specific sender's name.

Message categories allowing the client to set five content categories (verification, reminders, etc.).

Additional Features