Mazadat Platform... Your Contribution Become Easier

In reference to some problems that auction recipients face from the randomness of these auctions and many problems in collecting, returning and providing the amounts to the auctioneer. In addition to the lack of periodic reports to monitor it...

Mazadat platform comes to offer and conduct auction to facilitate the process for beneficiaries from government and private agencies, as it works electronically to verify bidders' data quickly and easily. In addition, providing all auction performance data from reports, indicators and statistics in a comprehensive, accurate and integrated manner by linking them to other systems.

Target Audience

Government and private establishments


Mazadat Platform Services

Creating and managing auctions

Announcing auctions electronically

Searching and reviewing auctions

Reports, statistics and indicators on the performance of auctions

Mazadat Platform Features

Knowing all the existing auctions and their status in an orderly manner

Availability to be present in more than one auction at the same time

An electronic wallet to facilitate and speed up payment and retrieval processes

Periodic reports to fully and accurately manage and monitor the bidding process

Increasing subscribers from all over the Kingdom, thus obtaining better value

The ability to display or purchase goods from anywhere in the Kingdom

Standardizing workflow procedures for all auctions and entities

Electronic verification of bidders' data

Additional Features