Mustamir Platform

Based on achieving the highest standards of quality and satisfaction in raising the efficiency of continuous professional development practices...

"Mustamir" is a digital platform aims to automate the procedures and operations of the continuous professional department of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and to empower and monitor the concerned authorities through an integrated systems.

The platform enables more than 280 providers of continuous professional development activities in:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Organizations
  • Governmental and Private Training Centers
  • Specialized Websites

From obtaining its accreditations in an easy way for a number of main and subsidiary services, which serve the vision and mission of the Commission by qualifying the health practitioner to be in line with his profession field, and to bring the professional practice to a high and safe level that ensures the patient’s safety.

Platform Services

  • Licenses for continuous professional development activities providers
  • Accreditation of the entities and activities they provide
  • Accreditation of e-learning activities
  • Accreditation of training hours
  • Licenses of training centers
  • Compliance management and quality control

Platform Features

  • Automating continuous professional development services
  • Improving procedures and clarifying standards
  • Automating hours of activities for practitioners
  • Verifying data electronically
  • Providing the activities approved in learning hours by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
  • Facilitating the process of providing services to beneficiaries

Additional Features

Booking conferences

Managing activities

E-payment services

Additional Features