Mojaz... Vehicle History in Your Hands

In an effort to develop the secondhand car market, enhance confidence and transparency, and reduce fraud and deceit…

Mojaz, a digital platform and an application that provides an integrated information report that includes the history of the secondhand car from the moment of its entry into the Kingdom. Mojaz service provides various reports supported by numbers, statistics and dates that are important to the beneficiaries.

Mojaz Services

  • Basic report of vehicle data and specifications.
  • Maintenance records and warranty records reports.
  • Estimated price of the vehicle and spare parts price.
  • Number of owners and number of authorizations.
  • Accident images and estimates report.
  • Meter readings.

Mojaz Features

  • Reliable sources of information through linkage with the competent and accredited entities.
  • Important numbers reports (number of maintenance times, previous owners, accident date, etc.).
  • Various packages and customized reports tailored to the beneficiary needs.
  • Easy payment.


Charge your balance with the package that provides you with the number of reports you need

Number of Reports 51020
Package Name Basic Silver Gold
Price 437 SAR 828 SAR 1564 SAR
Expiry Date 1 year
from purchase date
1 year
from purchase date
1 year
from purchase date


How can I benefit from Mojaz packages?
Mojaz service has three different packages. Each package represents a number of reports charged in different amounts. The beneficiary can charge his balance with several reports for future use, or create an immediate request for the required report and pay the value of the request directly.
What is the validity period of Mojaz reports?
1 year from the purchase date.
How can I correct any information about my vehicle in Mojaz service report?
By reference to the competent entity.
In which languages is Mojaz service available?
Arabic and English.

To check the history of your secondhand car…

Through the e-portal or Mojaz app (Apple - Google Play)

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