To Manage Water Leak Detection Requests for Houses and Companies


A Step Ahead to Innovate for Our Future…

In an endeavor to organize Environment, Water, and Agriculture Sector, and increase the service quality, handle customers’ complaints efficiently and provide healthy environment for investors, we have developed Kashf App, which allows Qualified Leak Detection Service Providers, by the National Water Efficiency and Conservation Center, to offer leak detection services for customers, whether for houses or companies.

Target Audience

Leak Detection Service Providers


Kashf Services


For the Service Provider

  • Quotations of Leak Detection
  • Quotations of Maintenance Work
  • Maintenance Reports

For End Users

  • Qualified Leak Detection Companies
  • Searching & Booking Appointments
  • E-payment by Mada
  • Viewing Maintenance Reports

Kashf Features

  • Integrated Platform

    Integrating with the National Water Efficiency and Conservation Center

  • Qualified Companies

    Access to all the qualified leak detection service providers

  • High Trust

    Rating the service by customers

Additional Features

Competitive Open Market

Between companies in terms of quality and prices

Easy Access

By creating a platform that gathers all approved leak detection service companies

Kashf is an app that allows customers to receive the best Water Leak Detection services from companies highly qualified by the National Water Efficiency and Conservation Center

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