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An electronic portal that enables carriers and freight agents to issue a goods transport document, declare the load of trucks on land roads and verify cargo information and condition.

Bayan Advantages

Organize the activities of goods transport by land

Verification of the legal status of road freight goods

Preserve the rights of all parties of the road freight process.

Bayan Services

  • Register carriers and freight agents and ensure their legality in practicing the activity.
  • Issuance of the transport documents.
  • Issuance of cargo manifest.
  • Allow access and verification of the transferred goods to all parties of the transport process.


How to register in Bayan Portal?

You can register via Bayan platform after completing your registration at Naql platform.

What are the benefits of Bayan portal for establishments and individuals involved in land transport activities? 

  •  Organize the contractual relationship between the parties of the transport process.
  •  Immediate access to the status of the transport documents and the statement of the outgoing freight. 
  •  Support investment opportunities in the transport sector.

What is the impact of Bayan portal on individuals? 

Dealing with authorized freight carriers and agents that comply with safety and security requirements with the knowledge and prior approval of the receipt and delivery process. 

Are there any fees for using Bayan Portal? 

There are none.