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Asas is an ERP with the latest techniques and best practices, designed to fit the Saudi market in both Public and Private sector, to be one of the national enablers towards digital transformation through the automation of Finance, Human Resources and Supply Chain Processes.

Asas Platform Advantages

Easy and fast setup

Quarterly releases & updates

High flexibility on configuring the system as per user’s preferences

Asas Platform


A comprehensive, advanced and secure system

An advanced SaaS solution for Enterprise planning resources, which includes interconnected systems that operate as an integrated system with a common database serving all sections and departments of the organization. The system deals with the employees of the organization as part of the business cycle to enable organizations to use and manage their information, physical and human resources with great effectiveness and high efficiency.


Asas Platform

The product comes as a service available as "software as a service" enabling the customer to directly subscribe and meet the needs and requirements of government and private sectors, with a high degree of reliability and readiness according to international standards, to provide a new concept in the field of services and technical solutions as all of the services of Elm are hosted within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the National Information Center - NIC.


Ready solution in accordance with the best practices

Building systems for Enterprise resource planning by the beneficiary organizations is an exhausting job, takes a long time, and holds significant risks. It also means that the organization will leave the focus on its core business and put efforts into preparing an integrated team with high expenses to build such systems.
However, with the Asas system, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, as this platform is a ready SaaS solution built based on our understanding of the Public and Private needs with applying the best practices to provide the flexibility needed to implement the business. The platform offers a high willingness to be implemented in a mean time compared to developing the system from scratch.

Advantages of the service compared to other alternatives

  • Ensure obtaining service updates regularly.
  • Accessibility to services from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Security enhancements that achieve confidentiality and security of client data, in addition to hosting the services and servers in the Kingdom to ensure data privacy.
  • Standard services ready for operation in a short time.
  • Low operational and technical costs with avoiding hidden costs, giving the organization the ability to develop accurate budgets.
  • Scalability and development in accordance with the technical and business developments.
  • ​​No need to build data centers and provide a large technical team for operation and technical support.
  • No need to purchase licenses and follow up on their update and renewal. ​​

The beneficiaries of the system: private and government organizations and agencies

Asas Platform is one of the basic systems that organize the work of any organization and speed-up implementing its tasks. It also helps organizations to achieve the following:​

  • Human and financial resources management with high efficiently
  • Focus on the aspects of business development.
  • Give the organization a comprehensive and unified view of the reality of its business.
  • Make decisions based on a single source of data with high accuracy and speed.
  • Save time and effort in the implementation of daily work.
  • Get reports and statistics directly.


Key features

  • %100 local Saudi content 
  • Adaptation of the local market’s needs, following the global best practices
  • Focus on the aspects of business development.
  • Give the organization a comprehensive and unified view of the reality of its business.
  • Quarterly releases & updates
  • High flexibility on configuring the system as per the user’s preferences 
  • Smooth processes and procedures with an 
  • Instant and various reports with a built-in feature to design reports
  • User-friendly interface
  • Responsive UI
  • Predefined disaster/ recovery plans
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Easy to integrate with other systems
  • Arabic/ English – Hijri/ Gregorian

Main modu​les

  • Financial Module
  • HR Module 
  • Payroll Module 
  • Self service for Manager and Employee 
  • Procurement Module  
  • Competition Module 
  • Warehouse system 
  • Performance Module 
  • Project Module 

M​​odules c​​​ontent :​

 ​Finance system:​

  • Account Payable Management
  • Account Receivable Management
  • Budgeting 
  • General Ledger 
  • Fixed Assets 
  • General Items and Reports

 HR system :

  • Organizational Structure 
  • Core HR
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management 
  • Payroll Management
  • Training and Recruitment 
  • Self Services 
  • Expenses and Benefit 

Payroll system:

  • Salary scale
  • Allowances and deductions
  • Loans
  • Individual and collective payrolls
  • Salaries Auditing
  • Banking information of employees
  • Fast salary transfer file

Employee self-service system:

  • Query on personal and functional information
  • Query on dues
  • Leave request
  • Mandate request
  • Salary statement request
  • Miscellaneous requests


Enterprise Project Management

  • Task Management 
  • Project Team Management 
  • Project Management (Dashboard, Project Execution and Tracking, Expenses and Budgeting, Project Billing) 

Performance Management

  • Performance Evaluation (Employee – Team) 
  • Skills and Competency Management
  • Objectives Library 
  • Assign Objective 
  • Employee Self Performance Evaluation 
  • Manager Evaluation 

Competitions system

  • Create the competition and register the specifications and bill of quantities
  • Invitation letter
  • Quotations template
  • Minutes of bids opening
  • Proposals selection
  • Issue the letter of award
  • Registration of contracts and follow-up implementation
  • Follow-up bank guarantees, renew them and alert on the validity period
  • Proposal Committee Setup


Higher client satisfaction at organizations

The existence of a sophisticated and integrated information system for resources planning provides the information instantaneously and provides control and monitoring on all daily work so that none of clients transactions are forgotten or delayed.


Customer service and technical support

Elm provides the technical support service to report malfunctions and resolve them through specific channels to support the business continuity at the beneficiary organizations.​​