Amn service allows the issuance of pneumatic guns permits through an electronic portal, the service also allows the transfer of pneumatic guns.

Amn Services

  • Issuing pneumatic guns permits.

  • Transferring pneumatic guns ownership.

  • Managing Pneumatic guns warehouse.

  • Issuing certificate of non-criminal records.

  • Verifying the validity of the certificate non-criminal records.

  • Renewing licenses of pneumatic guns shops.

  • Import chemical and radioactive materials, this service is only available to ministries, government institutions, specific companies.

  • The criminal status: an access to the criminal status of any person (subject to his approval). This service is directed to government and private organizations.

  • Materials Permits for Rock Cutting Services.

  • Road security Permits Service.

Amn Features

  • Save organization time.

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of work.

  • Perform the inquiry promptly and with full privacy.