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It is an electronic portal that provides a range of services to the beneficiaries of air cargo services in KSA

Washaj Advantages

Smooth invistment

Fast procedures

Cargo tracking

Washaj Services

  • Provision of an equitable investment environment.
  • Linking all relevant parties to the General Authority for Civil Aviation.
  • Enabling customers whether companies or individuals to track cargos from the moment they are loaded to the moment they are delivered.
  • Increasing market transparency

Clients support

Service Pricing


​House air waybill creation service

​One riyal per parcel - 5 riyals minimum for each house air waybill


 Is it possible for any party to get the service?

 It is necessary for any organization, in order to obtain the service, to be authorized to practice air cargo   activities by the General Authority Of Civil Aviation.

 What services does Washaj portal offer?

 Service of issuing air cargo licenses
 Service of adding and tracking cargos
 Service of establishing and managing branches
 Service of transferring cargo to the airport
 Service of managing Internal and main billing
 Service of reporting