Ertah (Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Platform)


To facilitate procedures for repairing vehicles and maintain their quality...

Ertah can be used for all vehicle-related procedures, including repair, maintenance and consumer data. It seeks to improve vehicle owners experience by establishing a solid trust between vehicle owners and workshops, automating all vehicle services related to maintenance and repair, and enabling the end beneficiary to evaluate the workshops for raising the services quality.

Target Audience

  • Vehicle Owners

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Centers

  • Spare Parts Suppliers and Vendors

  • Relevant Companies and Establishments


  • Facilitate access by creating a platform that brings together vehicle owners and service providers
  • Raise the confidence level by measuring the performance of services provided between vehicle and workshop owners
  • The possibility of issuing a vehicle fix permit automatically
  • The possibility of rating workshops.


Can I benefit from the services of the App without registering for it?

​Yes, you can benefit from the App without the registration process, by logging in as a guest. 

How can I contact you?

Through our social media accounts, Twitter @ErtahSA,
 or by calling Customer Service at 920000356

Does the App cover all regions of the Kingdom?

​Yes, it covers all regions of the Kingdom.

As an individual, can I benefit from the App?

Certainly, the App is directed to individuals and workshop owners.
You can benefit from the following features and services of the Individual App:
Find workshops by map
View the services provided by workshops
Choose the workshop which is the closest to the person's location
The possibility of rating workshops. 
The ability to filter workshops using many options.

I own a car service shop; how can I benefit from the App?

You can benefit from the following features and services of the Workshop App:
Activate a fix permit
Checkup, maintenance and repair
Update vehicle repair status
The ability to add photos of the car before and after the accident 

How can I extract a fix permit?

You can extract a fix permit by taking the following steps:
o Log in via Absher from your browser.
o Press My Vehicles - My Services.
o Press the Vehicle Management option.
o Select the relevant vehicle.
o Choose Create Fix Permit and press Confirm Request.
o A text message will be sent from Absher with the Fix Permit reference number.
o Go to the approved workshops registered in Ertah.
o Share the reference number of the Fix Permit with the workshop.

Are all the App workshops reliable?

​In Ertah, we seek to contract with the best workshops in terms of quality and efficiency, and the platform is supervised by responsible authorities.

Can I get a cost estimate before agreement?

Yes, the beneficiary can obtain an estimated cost by communicating with the workshop

Do you have prices for spare parts? And if spare parts are available, are they original only or second hand?

​This service is not currently available.

How long is the warranty on repairs?

​The warranty period varies according to the agreement between the workshop and the vehicle owner.

Do you have a car towing service from a specific location?

​This service is not available at the moment.

As a workshop owner, what guarantees are provided to me?

​The workshop is viewed by a large segment of clients. Your workshop will be available to be viewed in the Individual App with the features of rating the workshop and extracting a fix permit.

Can I cancel after agreement?

​Yes, you can.

Is the installment payment service available?

​There is no payment option in the App.

Is payment made after the end of service or in advance?

​There is no payment option in the App.

Are workshops paid automatically through the App?

​There is no payment option in the App.

Do you have offers for App users?

​The App is free; no offers are currently available and they are being worked on.

Download App

Download App