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A complete cloud service that enables corporate managers to manage their projects effectively. This service provides managers with the ability to monitor

Project Management Advantages

Online Project Management.

Project Management through SharePoint

No delays anymore

Online Project Management.. Simply

Project management is a cloud-based service that provides modern tools and approaches to manage and follow-up projects and resources and ensure completing implementation professionally and accurately, in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Project Management through SharePoint

Cloud-based Project Management through "SharePoint" has made a revolution in the way of managing projects and implementing business by various organizations, as it enables team members, participants in the project and decision-makers to launch various initiatives quickly, follow up on these initiatives thoroughly, and achieve their desired business goals virtually anywhere.

No delays anymore

Cloud-based Project Management enables the organization to start its projects quickly and arrange investment priorities properly with regard to its strategic orientations without delay, along with ensuring the best results using follow-up and monitoring mechanisms in project resources management.

Access from anywhere

Any team member can work directly on the project and manage the project virtually from any device and from any location, with only one condition, which is the connectivity to the Internet.

Business Management

This service provides intelligent project management by identifying the roles and responsibilities of each member and facilitating cooperation between team members in the project, with access to the workflow and progress easily for the purposes of planning and reporting.

Request Management

Comprehensive accessibility to active projects, operational activities, and daily works, in addition to the possibility of consolidating the process of projects start-up and follow their progress through the implementation of appropriate governance and control tools.

​The optimal selection of projects portfolio

This service enables senior managers and executives to select the projects that perfectly comply with the business strategy at the organization through a large number of indicators and guiding evidences, which in turn will contribute to improving the operational efficiency and increasing investment returns.


Resource Management

"Project Management" helps to achieve the targeted results through effective cooperation with all team members in the project, planning for the future, and managing surpluses and deficits, based on used planning tools.

Delivery Schedules Management

"Project Management" service supports the delivery of projects on time, with a clear and precise implementation plan and a delivery framework in order to ensure progress follow-up with change management easily, when needed.

Cost Management

"Project Management" service supports implementing the instructions of finance department and following-up costs effectively to ensure the delivery within budget and making sure returns are achieved, as well as other targeted benefits.

Time and Task Management

"Project Management" service supports using a general central methodology to prepare reports on time and task management.


Enhance team collaboration and support the success of the project through social capabilities and easy communication via instant messaging, and team sites, in addition to other collaboration capabilities that are easy to use in "Project Management" service.

Risk Management

Identify, prevent and mitigate business risks and potential risks related to the projects and their critical phases.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Collecting, classifying and understanding the overall situation, and then, making decisions about the project phases based on documented and accurate data, in addition to using business intelligence for ensuring the overall vision of all project parts and phases, and supporting the decision-making process in order to activate the proactive management role in projects, programs and portfolios.

Management Flexibility

Ease of use and control of the entire project management process, where users can be easily added and deleted in minutes.

Data Management

Keeping the lists currently available from major sales records, contracts, files and requests, and much more .. in one place!

Technical Support

Providing technical support over the phone 24/7 in order to help and respond to queries and solve technical problems.


Business Package Professional Package
# of users52552550100
Price (SR/year)29,700142,50033,540157,500267,000474,000
Price of adding a user during the year50050050050050050​