Strategy and Transformation

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The strategy is concerned with diagnosing the current situation, identifying the positive and negative points, listing the available resources, exploiting the positive factors and creating suitable conditions for their growth, and identifying the negative factors and seeking to reform them in order to launch the future vision that the establishment aspires to achieve. Our services in this field include:


​​Strategies design

  • Vision, mission, strategic objectives and performance indicators
  • Initiatives and implementation road map


​​Operational models design

  • Services and procedures
  • Organizational structures
  • Internal and external governance
  • HR
  • Developing the client's journey


Process Reengineering

Through this field's services we focus to enable the establishment to do its work quickly, to improve the quality of the services and products it offers to suit the needs and desires of its clients, to contribute to reducing cost by eliminating unnecessary operations, and to focus on operations with added value.


Digital transformation

Through which we present a comprehensive plan of action that begins by understanding the vision, objectives and purpose of the establishment to move towards the digital solutions. A plan of action to implement the digital transformation will then be adopted by examining potential opportunities and challenges and providing all administrative arrangements that precede moving towards the digital transformation.