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 Our greatest asset

In collaboration with the Human Resources Fund, we managed more than 40 recruitment processes every working day through TAQAT Elm. These processes attract job seekers and provides them with the right training and employment opportunities in cooperation with the private sector, resulting in the employment of approximately 33,000 employees and employees since its launch.
We have achieved first place for our services provided through the recruitment centers TAQAT Elm in cooperation with the Human Resources Fund.
1,200 jobs are provided annually to Saudi citizens (male and female) through the offices TAQAT Elm.

 Absher Platform

​We first designed and developed “Absher,” an integrated digital platform, for the Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia. Absher allows citizens, residents, and business-owners to implement more than 160 interactive electronic processes that manage traffic, civil affairs, passports, and other essential systems.

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  • Absher capabilities.
  • Training staff to use technology.
  • Activating electronic archiving system for the electronic filing and classification of documents.
  • Parallel commercial services for large companies (“Muqeem” for Passports, and “Tamm” for Traffic) that provide the added value of removing the burden from the Passport General Department.
  • Allowing local carriers to deliver documents without having to check Passports or Traffic.
  • Enabling insurance companies and hospitals to prevent and mitigate forgery and reduce burdens on patients.
  • Absher has received many technical awards and achieved first place in the services of individuals in Saudi Arabia.
  • Absher also received ISO certification in serving individuals.

new users per week
inquiries per month

11 million
verified users

processes per month

daily visits to Absher portal



daily log-ins on Absher portal

million App downloads
on smartphones 

  •   Social Benefits Platform

  • "Estihkak" is an eligibility engine that adjusts the level of entitlement of products/services/subsidies provided by various governmental or private establishments, in order to ensure that the various forms of support reach their actual beneficiaries and to ensure that the conditions of support match their real situations.
  • ​Among our most important achievements are:

    • Re-engineering the procedures and approving all steps from the relevant government entities.
    • Linking more than 36 government and semi-government entities.
    • We built “Estihkak” Powered Engine that performs an advanced eligibility equation, to help citizens obtain housing.
    • The platform was designed to be flexible so that the ministry can modify rules as necessary without technical intervention from Elm.
    • We programmed an interface on the ministry’s website so citizens can easily enter required data.
    • Data is processed at a rate of more than 10,000 requests per second.
    • Citizen account platform.
    • Hafiz Platform.
    • Loan-exemption platform.

Optimizing Data Accuracy

To improve data quality and raise the level of confidence that customers have in those data, we cooperated with various entities to develop Yakeen, which enables its subscribers such as banks, telecommunication companies, and others to verify the data of their customers. Yakeen then links them with government databases using the highest levels of security and protection.

Among our most important achievements are: 

  • We re-engineered procedures between banks and relevant government entities to ensure the security and privacy of data. We adopted organizational procedures for this project

  • Yakeen has linked government entities with full privacy-protection capabilities

  • Elm developed “Yakeen” a business service that verifies government and customer conditions

  • Yakeen automatically and instantaneously verifies personal data online that send and verify information and resend it to the customer 

  • We also developed a parallel product, “Natheer,” which is available commercially. Natheer alerts customers when a customer’s status changes final departure request, death, etc

  • The service has been very successful. One of the customers have saved more than $114 million through this service in less than a year, and a good deal of fraud has been eliminated. For example, Natheer identified 1,000 papers for people who were no longer alive 

  • The Ministry of Social Affairs saved more than 300 million riyals by using Yakeen, and its data-verification time was reduced from 300 working days to 20 working days