Our Investments

" We Heavily Invest in Unique and Innovative Ideas and Uncover New Technology-based Ventures Locally and Globally "

To speed up the tempo of the future and bring it into reality, we had hands in empowering entrepreneurs and startups to unlock growth potentials and unfold new horizons of progress. Improving their financial returns and their strategic position in the market by channeling new tools, including consultations, activating long-term strategic relationships with Elm, and offering direct financing to foster innovation and promote mutual investment returns.

Most Prominent Startups


Our first investment in Unifonic amounted to 21 million dollars (78.75 million SAR). An "A" investment round regarded as one of the largest in the region and led by STV investment fund in partnership with other local and international funds.

Unifonic is recognized as a leading Saudi company in cloud communication services, providing its clients with an array of services and products that employ cutting-edge technologies to ensure reliable and safe communication channels between companies and their customers.

Among the most prominent of these products is the automation of SMS and voice calls, two-factor authentication, and chat-bots through user-friendly APIs to a broad segment of customers in various sectors.


We joined the first investment round of "Zid" with two million dollars (7.5 million SAR). The investment round was led by "Elm" and with the cooperation of MSA, Arzan Capital, and other investors.

Zid is a Saudi holding company, established in 2017, and aims to unlock new potentials for the retail sector to easily and professionally access the world of e-retail. A trustworthy partner for dreamers who strive to leave their mark in the e-commerce industry. Zid is your easy shortcut to the flourishment and growth of your business.

"Zid" offers integrated and professional e-stores, in addition to the "Zid" system that offers access to dozens of service providers and partners in diverse fields and specialties. Zid Academy also provides various educational content that encourages entrepreneurs to take their first steps and thrive in their business.

According to the company's website, Zid has delivered more than 3.2 million requests to its customers through their stores, with transactions exceeding 1.1 billion riyals, in addition to providing more than 4,600 training and consulting hours.


We engaged in a Class B investment round of Bayzat, led by Mubadala Investment Fund, Point72 Ventures, and other companies.

Bayzat was established in 2013 and is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. A technology company specialized in providing insurance and human resources solutions for employed individuals or SMEs and startups.

Bayzat has developed Bayzat Benefits, a human resources cloud platform to support SMEs in automating human resources management and managing payroll and health insurance procedures.

The platform also allows human resources teams to manage and control employee records, leave requests, and authorizations, in addition to enabling employers to process payroll, compensation, and financial advances for their employees through EarlyPay. Moreover, it delivers other benefits for employees, human resources teams, and employers.

According to the company's website, Bayzat today helps more than 30,000 employees through its services to many companies such as Fetcher, Subway, Mumzworld, and others.


An e-platform for selling used and new cars, in addition to ensuring integration with many benefits that serve this sector, such as Elm's Mojaz and Finance Requests Service.

Through Syarah, users can complete purchasing a new car online without the need to visit any dealership or showroom.

Syarah primary objective is to reshape the process cars are purchased and sold, making this process easier, faster, and safer than ever.

Smart National Solutions (SNS)

Smart National Solutions (SNS) was established in 2015. It is a Saudi Tech Company specialized in providing consultations, business integration, data science and business intelligence dashboards for both public and private sectors. In addition, it is a golden partner for SAP International.

SNS aims to provide its customers with the most effective professional services during their digital transformation journey. It is considered as one of the biggest digital transformation solutions providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also provides customers with a special experience that helps them put their ideas into practice, which contributes to the achievement of 2030 Vision.

SNS is characterized by its profound understanding of customers’ needs and their natures to be able to provide them with the suitable solutions and add a competitive value to their business, in cooperation with the biggest international companies such as, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.