Saudi Company
to exchange information "TABADUL"

" Where continents converge, Saudi Arabia rests at the most vital trade routes globally. An unparalleled geographic spot for transportation and logistics to thrive”

It is rare to unearth a place that possesses what Saudi Arabia has! Unbound and unparalleled potentials in the transportation and logistics market worldwide.

Saudi Arabia's strategic location is at the junctions of vital international trade routes connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa. Its location presents the Kingdom with an unequaled position over other countries, enabling it to lead as a logistics hub in the region.

Saudi Arabia's location is ideal for distributing goods across the region and the Middle East and North Africa. These regions share a gross domestic product of 9 Trillion Saudi Riyals and are home to 647 million consumers.

With a land area of approximately 2,150,000 km², Saudi Arabia is spread by a network of airports, ports, and roads, one of the world's largest.

In essence: We invest at Elm to devise an array of digital solutions to organize the transportation sector and automate most of its services in cooperation with relevant government entities. A strategy that blazed the path for a comprehensive transformation to e-government in land, sea, and air. Today, 9 August 2020, we are expanding our system by acquiring the Saudi Electronic Information Exchange "Tabadul" as the most extensive digital solutions company in Saudi Arabia's logistic sector. We endeavor to unfold new horizons of collaboration, unlock unrealized growth potentials, and accelerate the achievement of the two companies' strategic objectives. We will avail of any rooms of integration, boost competitiveness and expertise to establish an integrated technological strategic system for logistics services in the Kingdom.

Tabadul in Brief

The Saudi Company for Electronic Information Exchange "Tabadul" was established on 30 June 2009, to invest in information technology and communication activities and commercial-based knowledge industries. Tabadul develops programs, systems, communications, information technology apps, and e-transaction solutions to uncover a new concept of e-exchange and transfer of data between the Customs Authority and other relevant private and public entities in the exports and imports industry.

"Tabadul" has developed a comprehensive and integrated national-wide system for exchanging data electronically, reducing the clearance turnaround from 7 working days to less than 24 hours via Fasah. A one-stop e-platform that re-engineers all import and export transactions and offers an array of services that facilitate international trade; by linking with relevant authorities, tracking shipments, booking appointments, and providing online payment solutions. All these services are channeled through a unified e-portal that offers more than 180 services.