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Elm Changes its Trade Name to Elm Company


Elm, the pioneer digital solutions company, announced modifying its trade and legal name to Elm Company instead of Elm Information Security Company. Since its beginning, Elm has contributed to digital transformation initiatives in the Kingdom and was one of the first national companies to provide interactive electronic services to the community in cooperation with government entities which helped save time, improve data quality, and enhance transparency. 

The journey began in 1986 when Elm was established under the name, Al-Elm for Research and Development, as a research company transferring and localizing technology. Then, in 2002, the company started providing e-services and information security. After the company extended its services to the public sector, its name changed to Elm Information Security Company. 

Later, Elm expanded its business, offering consulting, digital services, and outsourcing, making it necessary to change its trade name to Elm Company, the developments it went through. In 2021, the legal name was changed to the same trade name, Elm Company, with a new transfer in line with the company's growth for 34 years. Changing the name was also accompanied by an enhanced content of logos and identity to indicate the company’s ongoing advancement and goals.  
Elm has transformed the concept of providing government services, and it has excelled through its national cadres by delivering high-quality solutions. Today, Elm serves more than 60,000 clients, including public, private sectors and individuals. Elm also owns and operates more than 60 brands, as well as more digital projects in the Kingdom to facilitate people's lives. 

It is worth mentioning that Elm offers its digital services in omni-channel platforms with global standards to increase customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, Elm contributes to building national expertise and localizing information technology to create a growing society that adopts technology in today's fast-paced digital world.