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Elm showcases its integrated digital solutions at GITEX 2023 to contribute to building Cities of Future


Elm, a leading digital solutions provider, is exhibiting a wide array of intelligent solutions and innovative services, which are tailor-made for various sectors during its participation in the GITEX Technology Week 2023. The event is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and will run until October 20, 2023.

Elm is participating in the event under the theme ‘Elm and the Cities of the Future’, with an aim to utilise the strategic platform offered by GITEX, one of the largest technology exhibitions in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia regions. Through its participation, Elm also seeks to highlight its key role in contributing towards developing cities of the future.

At the event, Elm is offering a broad range of digital solutions and services under multiple domains, including smart security, digital economy, business intelligence, smart healthcare, smart governments, and advanced transportation.

In the domain of smart security, the company is exhibiting its smart gate technology that aids in granting permissions and verifying the statuses of people or vehicles through mounted cameras that can read data automatically and quickly. It also provides a digital platform and port permits as part of its integrated solutions for managing border guard operations, particularly maritime ones. Elm is also showcasing its digital platforms, which are developed to provide security permits for civil aviation regulatory authorities and offer 48 sub-services related to individual, vehicle, and equipment permits.

Furthermore, Elm is highlighting various solutions for air rifle stores including inventory monitoring, electronic ownership transfers, facility to block or report air rifles, and issuance of certificates of good conduct based on official permissions.

In order to support the field of the digital economy, Elm is exhibiting a variety of services that are concentrated on risk analysis, support the credit industry, enhance financial analysis, evaluate consumption behaviour, and offer the necessary information to relevant parties. The company is also introducing a digital platform that serves as a guarantor intermediary for e-commerce websites and individuals, facilitating the delivery of documented receipts through a verified account or a temporary account along with cancellation options and other key services. 

In order to support the field of business intelligence, Elm is presenting a centralised digital platform that allows partners to use application-programming interfaces (APIs) while building digital systems that support small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, it is offering a platform integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect individuals, locations and internet-enabled gadgets to facilitate data transmission and reception, device management and data collection and analysis. The company is also exhibiting digital platforms integrated with solutions dedicated for big data, which helps in all stages of system development from various data sources, processing and analysis technologies to creating dashboards and acquiring predictive reports.

The company is also showcasing a unified digital platform in the field of smart healthcare that allows healthcare facilities to track medical history, generate intelligent reports to enhance performance quality and streamline processes like laboratory data and disease monitoring systems. In addition, it offers a digital service that enables the verification of medical examination results by connecting the healthcare centres securely and immediately with relevant authorities and offering timely information to avoid alteration of reports. Similarly, Elm is also offering a digital platform that focuses on organising uninterrupted professional health development activities and programs, facilitating the registration and tracking of programs and hours of each practitioner for professional development entities. Furthermore, Elm is offering a comprehensive solution by collaborating with the Health Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, which helps to convert internal leaflets of pharmaceutical products into electronic QR codes that are printed on packages.

Moreover, Elm is presenting various digital platforms in order to support the field of smart governments that offers various government services to the citizens, residents and visitors of Saudi Arabia, facilitating billions of digital transactions annually. These platforms, integrated with adaptable tools and techniques, help identify the eligibility of government-supplied services, ensuring various forms of support to reach their rightful recipients. Additionally, it provides customer support, a digital platform for carrying out judicial activities and integrated digital solutions for real-time data verification for anyone having a formal connection with relevant authorities, further reducing the possibility of fraudulent activities and guaranteeing the availability of up-to-date data.

The company is also exhibiting a lineup of solutions and services for the advanced transportation sector at the event. Elm, in collaboration with the relevant authorities, is offering a digital transportation system, which helps regulate and monitor transportation transactions like leasing and delivery of cargo, trucks and ships as well as related procedures. In addition, the company offers a digital platform that helps transportation, trade and vehicle rental companies to perform various procedures linked to document renewal and immediate issuance of ownership licenses and car plates. 

It is also presenting an application and digital platform that provides information on used cars in the Kingdom, helping potential buyers to make informed decisions based on credible reports. Furthermore, Elm’s lineup of products at GITEX includes comprehensive digital solutions that are poised to support businesses operating in the shipping, distribution and delivery sectors, enabling them to process their transactions electronically, issue shipping receipts, monitor inventory and sales representatives, and compare companies to select the best options. 

Elm aims to expand its footprint locally and regionally by continuously participating in international events that focus on technology and digital services. In addition, it seeks to strengthen its collaboration with various leading technology and digitalisation companies and institutions in the region and around the world. The company is committed to sustaining its leading position as a credible partner offering innovative digital services and solutions that can seamlessly meet the evolving demands of different industries, further improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations.