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Elm organizes its annual ceremony and highlighting the importance of turning challenges into real opportunities


Elm Company held its annual ceremony for its employees in Durrat Al Riyadh yesterday, with the participation of nearly two thousand employees on the site and through the live broadcasting network.This is part of its ongoing internal activities that aim to enhance the spirit of institutional communication among its employees and motivate them to do more, to create a distinct work environment that encourages innovation and creativity. Elm thanked all its employees for their efforts and dedication during the past year, which had a positive impact on the company's performance and objectives.
The CEO, Dr. Abdulrahman bin saad AlJadhai, said during his review of the 2021 achievements, that one of the most prominent achievements that the company went through during the global crisis COVID-19 pandemic (Corona) was related to the stability of the company’s message, and the clarity of its strategy, as everything that Elm does, is related to facilitating the lives of people and society, which was adopted by Elmers as a principle, which resulted in digital services and products for government entities, private and non-profit establishments, and individuals, noting that the most important gains of the pandemic were the element of change that was found in the "Elm" society, and he emphasized the qualitative ability that an Elmer possesses to confront the nature of the company's renewable and diversified business. The Elmer has proved its efficiency and ability to make an impact through several initiatives, including helping to digitize many government services, contributing to health aspects, and others, which has enhanced the mental image of the company with customers as it always has an innovative solution.
Dr. AlJadhai added that this year, which coincided with the 20th anniversary of the commercial launch of "Elm", and its business model, started as a startup company with very few employees and has gone through escalating developments and various success stories, and the CEO explained the interest of "Elm" in strengthening its investments, especially in bold ones such as startup companies. In addition to developing its tools in research laboratories within artificial intelligence and consultancy, and transforming them into innovative products to serve the private and public sectors and individuals during the coming period.
Also, a beautiful gesture was that the company honored its employees who had spent 5, 10, 15, and 20 years with Elm, which had a great impact on all employees. At the end of the ceremony, awards were handed out to the employees and their families, and souvenir photos were taken for this annual occasion. In addition, the annual ceremony prevails a family atmosphere that encourages the building of team spirit and increases the bonds of links and synergies among employees.
Elm considered one of the most important national companies that attaches importance to its human resources through its interest in developing and qualifying its employees, in addition to its quest to provide the appropriate atmosphere at work that would motivate employees to innovate and excel, which is reflected in the services provided by the company and the development of the performance system.