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Adress Event Type Date Location Guest Duration More
1 Venture Capital in Startups in the Kingdom 10 August 2020 Webinar
2 Building B2B Business Model 28 July 2020 Webinar
3 Internet of Beautiful Things, Behaviors and Applications 15 July 2020 Webinar
4 Startups Financing Stages and the Impact of Financial Analysis 06 July 2020 Webinar
5 Creating Applications for People with Disabilities 01 July 2020 Webinar
6 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and its Applications 29 June 2020 Webinar
7 Innovation in the World of Entrepreneurship 24 June 2020 Webinar
8 Innovation And Investment Direction For Startups 15 June 2020 webinar
9 When Do Startups Get to Invest 20 May 2020 webinar
10 Marketing Research Role in AI Domain 18 May 2020 webinar