Information Technology Solutions

At ELM, we offer technical solutions that study the problem from the root and provide necessary solutions using state-of-the-art digital technology in a way that suits the society. We do not import solutions from outside; rather we address customer needs using best technical solutions and national expertise to understand the problem and solve it right.

Areas of Work

With a consulting team of professionals who are experts in the technical, technological and administrative fields, the Information Technology (IT) segment of ELM offers leading services based on international best practices and extensive experiences in technical solutions. We help government organizations and private sectors to identify and analyze their problems and address them by providing proper solutions. We facilitate in developing our clients’ business and services further by saving their time, money and efforts, resulting in enhanced service quality and increased customer satisfaction. IT Segments include:
1. Developing e-portals
2. Developing and operating system
3. Linking government authorities
4. Establishing technical infrastructure
5. Developing ‘Eligibility’ service

Review on ‘Eligibility’ service.. Through ELM projects

  • Single e-portal
  • Links over 17 government and private entities together
  • Used by more than 5,000,000 users
  • Ability to handle over 2,500,000 requests in 5 hours, equivalent to over 135 requests per second, with more than 17 connected parties
  • Handling is done periodically and with no technical problems
  • Can receive more than 10,000 online processes in one second and handle them seamlessly and problem-free; which is equivalent to one billion online processes in a day
  • Designed to enable customers to control data every time as per their desire, with no need for programmatic intervention, giving customers the freedom to amend and adjust their data according to what they want