It is a developed solution for many of the challenges facing Ambulance and Emergency Department including Dispatch Team and Medical staff in the clusters. RCC will help hospitals or clusters generate, control and track all ambulance requests immediately.

The Resource Control Center (RCC)

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(RCC) Benefits

  • Constant request, dispatch team and ambulance status tracking.

  • Configurable locations, ambulances and users.

  • Flexible patients’ locations and information registering.

  • Email-based notification.

  • Less paperwork.

(RCC) main role in Health sector

Facilitate and track ambulance requests and patients’ transmission between clusters around the Kingdom.

(RCC) services

  • Adding Health facilities within the Control Center.

  • Managing system users.

  • Adding and modifying ambulance fleet and linking it with health facilities related to the cluster.

  • Submitting patients’ transmission’s requests between health facilities and medical evacuation centers.

  • Tracking new requests and approving them.

  • Assigning drivers, paramedics and ambulances.

  • Live ambulance tracking using GPS.

  • Monitoring ambulance journey from the beginning to the end.

  • Documenting medical procedures of each journey.