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Since the General Directorate of Border Guard intends to provide the highest level of service to beneficiaries in all the sectors it manages

Zawil Advantages

Digital Seaports services

Confirm security status of subscribers

Digital authorizations

Zawil Services

  • Completing all seaports transactions electronically and instantly.
  • Raising the level of security by ensuring the authenticity and validity of the documents and security record of the beneficiary.
  • Sending notifications to seaports in case of poor weather conditions.


Is it a paid subscription or a free one? 

The service subscription is free of charge.

What are the services offered by Zawil program?

Issuing permits for ports.

Has Zawil service been launched?

If the customer registered in Zawil service and did not get the password, what would be the procedure in that case?
The customer should wait until the subscription request gets approved, after which the activation message arrives. The message takes up to 72 working hours.

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