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Electronic Inspector

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An integrated cloud service to manage field inspection operations for governmental and private organizations, which helps in improving the quality of the inspection and facilitate the process of following & assigning tasks.

Electronic Inspector Advantages

Active feild management

Serves governmental and private organizations

Optimized tasks tracking

Electronic Inspector Services

  • Creating forms.​
  • Assigning & scheduling tasks.
  • Precision in locating inspection sites.
  • Digital transformation by eliminating the use of paper.
  • Direct communication between team members via application (live chat).
  • Reduce costs.
  • Automatic archiving system.
  • Direct follow-up with inspection operation.
  • Prevent losing data in case of Internet disconnect.
  • Add attachments e.g. images for inspection operation.


Subscription per inspection

Presented in partnership with Softec International ​​​​​​​