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Government GRP

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Oracle E-Business Suite on Elm’s cloud which includes an integrated Modules with shared database that Serve all the departments and divisions of a government body.

Government GRP Advantages

A comprehensive, advanced and secure system>

System Platform

Ready solution in accordance with the best practices

Government Resource Planning


A comprehensive, advanced and secure system

An advanced cloud-based system for planning government resources, which includes interconnected systems that operate as an integrated system with a common database serving all sections and departments of the government organization. The system deals with the employees of the organization as part of the business cycle to enable organizations to use and management their information, physical and human resources with great effectiveness and high efficiency.


System Platform

"Government Resource Planning" system was built on E-Business Suite Oracle platform. It is provided and run on Elm's Cloud hosted at the National Information Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Ready solution in accordance with the best practices of government organizations

Building systems for government resources planning by the beneficiary organizations is actually an exhausting work, takes a long time and holds significant risks. It also means that the organization will leave the focus on its core business and put efforts on preparing an integrated team with high expenses in order to build such systems.


However, with the "Government Resource Planning" system, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, as this system is a ready solution, which is based on an accumulated outstanding and high quality expertise in government organizations with applying the best practices to provide the flexibility needed to implement the business. This system provides high readiness to be implemented in a short time compared to developing the system from scratch.


Advantages of the cloud-based service compared to other alternatives

  • Ensure obtaining service updates regularly.
  • Accessibility to services from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Security enhancements that achieve confidentiality and security of client data, in addition to hosting the services and servers in the Kingdom to ensure data privacy.
  • Standard services ready for operation in a short time.
  • Low operational and technical costs with avoiding hidden costs, giving the organization the ability to develop accurate budgets.
  • Scalability and development in accordance with the technical and business developments.
  • ​​No need to build data centers and provide a large technical team for operation and technical support.
  • No need to purchase licenses and follow up on their update and renewal. ​​

The beneficiaries of the system: government organizations and agencies

The "Government Resource Planning" is one of the basic systems that organize the work of the government organization and help allow the speed of implementing its tasks. It also help the government organization to achieve the following:​

  • Human and financial resources management with high efficiently
  • Focus on the aspects of business development.
  • Give the organization a comprehensive and unified view of the reality of its business.
  • Make decisions based on a single source of data with high accuracy and speed.
  • Save time and effort in the implementation of daily work.
  • Get reports and statistics directly.


Key features of the system

  • An integrated solution that supports the transformation of government organizations to e-government.
  • The ability of integration with any other systems, services or organizations.
  • The ability of modification and development based on emerging requirements.
  • A unified interface for all system modules.
  • Bilingual system (Arabic / English) with the support of Hijri Calendar (Umm Al-Qura Calendar).
  • Implicit check of employees information by the integration with the data of National Information Center.
  • High readiness helps to implement the system in a short period in accordance with best practices.
  • Compatible with the government finance statistics manual (GFSM-2001/2014)

The main modu​les of the system

  • Finance system
  • HR system
  • Payroll system
  • Employee self-service system
  • Warehouse system
  • Inventory control system
  • Custody system
  • Direct procurement system
  • Competitions system



M​​odules c​​​ontent :​

 ​Finance system:​

  • Budget​​
  • Accounts
  • Journals
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Disbursement orders
  • Payment orders
  • Revenues
  • Reports and statistics

 HR system :

  • Administrative functions and formations
  • Appointment
  • Transfer
  • Promotions
  • Secondments
  • Leaves
  • Mandates
  • Contracts
  • Sanctions
  • Assignment
  • Reports and statistics

Payroll system:

  • Salary scale
  • Allowances and deductions
  • Loans
  • Individual and collective payrolls
  • Salaries Auditing
  • Banking information of employees
  • Fast salary transfer file

Employee self-service system:

  • Query on personal and functional information
  • Query on dues
  • Leave request
  • Mandate request
  • Salary statement request
  • Miscellaneous requests


Warehouse system:

  • Warehouses definition
  • Items groups definition
  • Items definition
  • Receipt of items
  • Disbursement requests
  • Returns
  • Item card

Inventory control system:

  • Inventory planning based on minimum and maximum limits
  • Follow-up slack items
  • Monitor disbursement and receipt transactions
  • Item monitoring card
  • Inventory


Custody system:

  • Custodies definition
  • Assign custodies to employees, sections, departments and sites
  • Custody barcode printing
  • Receive and return custodies
  • Custodies transfer
  • Integration with the warehouse system for monitoring the movements of
  • Integration with the HR system for monitoring the movements of service termination for employees who have custodies

Competitions system:​

  • Create the competition and register the specifications and bill of quantities
  • Invitation letter
  • Quotations template
  • Minutes of bids opening
  • Proposals selection
  • Issue the letter of award
  • Registration of contracts and follow-up implementation
  • Follow-up bank guarantees, renew them and alert on the validity period


Higher client satisfaction at government organizations

The existence of a sophisticated and integrated information system for government resources planning provides the information instantaneously and provides control and monitoring on all daily work so that none of the transactions of the clients of government organizations are forgotten or delayed.


Customer service and technical support

Elm provides the technical support service to report malfunctions and resolve them through specific channels to support the business continuity at the beneficiary organizations.​​