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Live Streaming Services



    The term live streaming video became more popular nowadays. It can be used for business, media coverage and as a way of communication with your target audience.

The development of technology advances helped the development of live streaming. Generally, the term streaming means the process of using the Internet to transfer content by encoding it into a number of decodable data formats. When the transmission is performed in the same time content is created, the stream is called a "Live" stream.

        When streaming live video the content is sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time. A Web user does not need to wait to download a file to play it; it will be played as it arrives. The user needs a player to run live video streaming, which is a special program (software) that uncompresses and sends audio data to speakers and video data to the screen. The software can be either an internal part of a browser or a separate one. Streaming players decode the message when it arrives to the end user's device (PC, Mac or phone).

        There are notable social media apps that produce live streaming apps such as Facebook live. It enables people, public figures, and Pages to share live videos with followers and friends on Facebook. There is also Periscope, the Twitter’s live-streaming app. With Periscope, when going live a user can notify followers, who can join, comment in real-time. When the broadcast is over, it will be available for replay so viewers can watch later. Replays currently last 24 hours and the user can delete the file at any time.

         Snapchat Live Stories are a collection of snaps from snapchatters at events and locations around the world. Live Stories are supported by Snapchat and typically appear for 24 hours. If you’re in the location of a Live Story, you can send snaps. Snapchat also supports video chat. On the other hand, Streamup is an app for live streaming interactive shows. Streamup lately announced its first stage of live-streaming originals in an effort to become a live television network for the Internet generation. The tech giant Google is building YouTube Connect, a live-streaming app to take on other live streaming apps. This app use live streaming video and anyone can use it for any purpose. Users can use it to promote their business, live events and share experience as a way of communication with family, friends, and followers.

        The future is looking bright for live video streaming, there is a space to improve and develop and it will reflect on how users will communicate.